Lake Land Docks is the exclusive Distributor in Eastern Ontario for these Custom Floating Docks built with a proprietary pontoon. Pontoons are guaranteed for 25 years. These pontoons can stay in the water all year round and are made with only the highest quality parts and materials.

The Process

The full pontoon comes from the factory.

  • Pontoons come ready to be cut and fitted.
  • One end has a cutting and fitting-in sleeve.
  • The end gets cut in order insert the high density foam.



High Density Foam Is Used

  • The pontoons then get stuffed with high density HD20 polystyrene foam
  • This is commercial grade made specifically for this type of application.
  • High density foam is super strong and resilient

High Quality Hardware is Used

  • This is how the filled pontoon looks fitted back together with stainless steel screws




2 Sizes Available

  • Pontoons are available in 2 depths depending on the application
  • They come in 12 inch high or 22 inch high versions

NHC12 Pontoon: 12 inches high

  • Requires 2 pieces of foam per 16 foot length and has a maximum capacity of 65 lbs /running foot

The 22 inch high or NHC22 Pontoon

  • Requires 4 pieces of foam per 16 foot length and has a maximim capacity of 135lbs/running foot length





We are now the at the Framing Stage.

  • Framing depends on the customized requirements of the customer
  • When these pontoons are completed, the docks are ready for framing, decking and any custom features and carpentry that is desired.