From motorized work barges to floating work platforms and floating houses or boathouses, this product does it all.


Custom designs integrating specific weight capacities and configurations are available for specific requirements.

Whatever your requirements we can assist you in the correct configurations providing a super stable basis for your specific design.

The NHC 12 and NHC 22 Pontoons can be used for a variety of commercial applications.

The NHC 12 model will carry 65 lbs per running foot of pontoon and the NHC 22 has a capacity of 135 lbs per running foot.The structure has more stability with multiple pontoons depending on the width of the deck.

For example:  for a weight capacity of 15,000 lbs the NHC 22 model would be more appropriate and the deck size would be 12’ x 24’ providing 16,200 gross lbs of weight capacity.This scenario would require 5 pontoons 24’ in length.



Lake Land Docks offers sub-distributorships

with exclusive sales areas for the entrepreneur-minded person.

If you are currently involved with dock building and wish to expand your product line
or require mobile work barges to take advantage of island or water access only work projects this versatile product is for you.

The applications are endless and innovative. This is an excellent way to  increase your business.

For more information and related details please get in touch with us

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